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Classes? What is it?

This slightly wavy little table runner is what my beginning quilting class makes. It’s good for any level sewer. What a funny word, sewer, because I am sure I am not a an underground conduit for carrying off drainage water and waste matter. Sew, oops, So, what do you get out of taking a class with me? Everything I know that you want to learn and a few things you didn’t know you needed to know. I am an expert in color , I hit the genetic payload in inheriting that gene from my dad. He bought all my mom’s clothes and she looked like a million bucks when they hit the town. I am also an expert teacher and let me tell you why. I remember when I couldn’t do anything arty, crafty, and how frustrating that was. I had an 8th grade art teacher who had no time for anyone who didn’t display talent directly from the womb. None of my art teachers were worth a flip. So, I taught myself. I keep searching for the right words to use to get my students to that aha moment or as I like to call it the light bulb moment.


Sew Something 


Amanda Whitsel


310 Big Oak Circle

Athens, GA 30605

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