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It's a Party!!! Christmas with Amanda Celebration December 20th

I have imagined all sorts of events to celebrate my move to Athens and each idea came and went poof. I am really very good at spur of the moment planning so from now on that will be my new creed. My love of planning ahead has made my ability to fly by the seat of my pants so successful, I really should have given it up long ago.

Let me take a moment to natter on about my business plan with Sew Something With Amanda. In the past few years, more and more folks are getting tired of not knowing how to make stuff. My studio can handle up to 6 students at a time with at least 3 machines to use on site. I provide all the gizmos and sewing supplies except fabric. I want to offer planned classes 4 times a year just to give some structure to the classroom. Those classes will me learn to sew by making a small quilt. One of the best classes are classes with  people of many skill levels and everyone gets more than they bargained for. Future classes will include making tote bags, clothing classes and a favorite of mine refashioning from old vintage clothing from the attic or the thrift stores.


Sew Something 


Amanda Whitsel


310 Big Oak Circle

Athens, GA 30605

Tel: 706-325-5283

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