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To be or Not to be?

Is it correct, politically or otherwise to wish someone a Happy April Fools day ? How about Happy Easter?

To err on the side of caution, I wish you both!

Yesterday, I "made" this bag for a sweet girl named Talulah.

I use quotes because I didn't make it , I bought a blank bag at Michael's and drew on it. Those of us who make stuff get asked, ''did you make that ?''. This is often followed up with a statement of "I could never do that". I hear this not so much when I admit to buying a blank bag and drawing on it as when I say, yes, I made this quilt. The quilt pictures  below is going to be submitted to the Lyndon HouseFull House show in May. The Full House show is comprised of all the artist groups who meet at the Lyndon House. My answer to the "I could never'' statement is always " of course you could".


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