• Amanda Whitsel

what cha gonna do today

Today was an incredible day. The car is serviced ( gotta go back as it's shuddering ) but that OK. Brian ( Master Garage ) is a hoot. Then at the end of the day laughed and chatted with a bunch of very nice men at Celia Brooks farewell party at the L House . I met Peter Dale in between these to events as I was in 5 points during the deluge that came though. I was waiting for my friend who I told to meet me TOMORROW. Just let me know Peter when you need me to help out. I love all your "wrappers" they should be made into textiles. And kid you not they would make an excellent fabric line. AS luck would have it I saw my sister Kathleen Deegan-Neal's Bob Neal at Earthfair and they gave moi a lift back to Masters. Come get me off the computer ma, I need to be told to "go to bed" The latter is said as in the sign off for Mindy Show vernacular.


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